dating profile of the Brown Westcoast Doily Rug (5KCBWDAY2)




Hi, My name is Brown Westcoast Doily Rug. I was crocheted by Anneke Wiese in Paternoster, West Coast, South Africa in April 2014.





I am about 60 cm in diameter, crocheted with a 12 mm hook and different shades of brown t-shirt strips. When I lie flat on the floor, I am about 1,5 cm in height. I have many many good qualities such as: Fun loving,Down to earth,Gentle,Adventurous,Caring,Calm,Supportive,Kind,Loving,Helpful

  • Low maintenance,Quiet,Absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous,Romantic,Mood lifter,Not judgemental,Open minded,Respectful,Intelligent,Passionate,Voluptuous and curvy,Creative



  • I mostly like lying around the house relaxing with a good book or movie in the bedroom or close to the fireplace on a cold winters evening. In the summer I enjoy the odd outing to the beach for a picnic. Some days when I need a good pick-me-up, I jump onto the kitchen table and observe everyone from there. It’s quite interesting and mouth watering to see what this family has for dessert after dinner. Some days it would be lemon meringue pie. Other days peppermint crisp tart or apple tart. Yum.




I’m quite easy going. I do not really have any dislikes. My greatest fear would be to be thrown into a cupboard for no one to see me. I’m also very very afraid of bleach. That would mean the end of my beauty which comes from the lovely colours I was crocheted with.






My thoughts and ambitions for the future?

I do not care in whose house I live. As long as they take good care of me. Wash and freshen me up regularly and display me properly. I am beautiful, made with good fabric and crocheted with a very classic pattern, which means I am going to age graciously.

Another photo shoot or two on the beach or in a stunning house would be fabulous. Maybe an article in a famous magazine or two for the whole world to see? Who knows?





9 thoughts on “dating profile of the Brown Westcoast Doily Rug (5KCBWDAY2)

  1. Dis baie beter as gister sin! Love it!
    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

  2. Hi daar

    Love jou skrywes! Ek hoop regtig daai artikel verskyn gou en raai nou al watter tydskrif…hoeveel blaaie…..watter van jou matte ….en fifty se T…. Oe ….die toekoms is exciting!!! Sterkte met alles!

    Liefde Marlene

    Sent from my iPad


    • Dankie Donene! Dit het so rof gegaan. Ek het eers die onderwerp helemal misverstaan. En toe ‘n beautiful reisverhaal van ‘n Italiaanse Mat vertel. Toe kom ek gister laatmiddag agter ek het die pot misgesit. Toe word hier darem geskarrel tussen aandete maak en nuwe post voorberei!

    • tx Anne. I really had a good time and lots of fun with the blogweek posts. I see some zpagetti baskets on your blog! Will have closer look later.
      Keep well. 🙂

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