Day Four (Thursday 15th May): Conversations Between Workers. 5KCBWDAY4



Anneke and B

Anneke and B


I am a 12mm birch crochet hook, fifteen centimetres long. I am simply the best crochet hook out there to create t-shirt yarn rugs with. Sometimes Anneke would have an idea or design in mind, doesn’t know where to start. Then she sits down with a ball of T and I take over and do my thing round after round. She simply sits there and holds me in her hand. And every time I surprise her with a wonderful new and different spectacular rug.

She takes very good care of me. Late at night when she gets tired and goes to bed, she makes sure I’m tucked away save and out of reach from any danger. Only once she left me alone on the couch for a minute or two. When she came back, the toddler had me in her mouth! Eeek! Those tiny little teeth were very sharp. Anneke rescued me seconds before fatal damage.

She also left me at home when they went to Italy last year, because she did not want to loose me on the plane or on there travels. Yes, I had to spend two weeks all alone at home stowed away in the kitchen cupboard. She figured if they broke into the house while they were gone, no one would look for a quality crochet hook in an empty chocolate box in the kitchen cupboard. What if it was a burglar with a sweet tooth???

Together we have lots of fun in creating t-shirt yarn rugs




B: Congratulations with your 15th wedding anniversary today! Tobie deserves a gold medal!

A: Thank you B!

B: You’ve been neglecting me terribly this week! Why?

A: I have too much on my plate lately. This week we had new floors put in in the bedrooms. We had to move everything out of the rooms into the living room. Chaos everywhere. Now that they’re finished with the floors it’s a mission to get everything back into the rooms again. The perfect time to get everything more organised and to get rid of excess clutter. And all of that means less crochet time.

And there is this blog week thing as well; and…. and….

B: At least we had some quality time in the car this afternoon whilst waiting for Yana to do her thing at the Eisteddfod writing competition.

A: Yes, that was nice. You know what B? I’m simply too tired to think or chat any more. I’m tucking you in now. Tomorrow I’ll make an effort to get this mess in the living room sorted out and plan ahead for next week. We have to start training Fan and her hook to help us with our rug orders, because the two of us cannot do it all by ourselves any more.
Nighty Night B

B: Good night Anneke






2 thoughts on “Day Four (Thursday 15th May): Conversations Between Workers. 5KCBWDAY4

  1. Jou blogs hierdie week is baie oulik Anneke ! Ek het respek vir jou dat jy dit so getrou doen ! Wonder nogal wat al die hekelpenne vir mekaar sou se as hul die dag moet bymekaar kom en n koffietjie drink!

    • Dankie Marlene! Ek geniet die week se blog inskrywings vreeslik, maar dit neem nogal tyd op. Christelle het al in April maand vir ons daarvan vertel op OH. Plaas ek toe al begin het. Nou sit ek saans na ete en probeer dit bymekaarskraap. Kom sit juis nou om vandag s’n te doen.

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