Day Six (Saturday 17th May): Views Of Others, Views Of Yourself. (5KCBWDAY6)




I spent the whole of today with my yarn. Where do you store yours? I have a huuuuge cabinet for my t-yarn balls. The 1kg balls are big, so you need big, deep drawers. There’s a few t-yarn wip rugs in there as well. Then I have two huuuuge plastic crates for “normal” yarn stash and wip’s. But there always seem to be an overflow of yarn and T wip’s all over the house. We live in a small beach cottage with very little space for this overflow! I even went as far as stashing under my bed as well.

Then we had new vinyl floors installed into our bedrooms two weeks ago. It looks like laminated wood, but is totally water friendly. We had to empty the rooms, which meant everything under the beds as well! When they finished the floors and we could move everything back again, I decided to go for minimalism. And then all the stuff stayed in the living area. So today was the day! Tobie took Nina to netball in a nearby little town this morning and Anya, the toddler, went with them. He then brought us lunch and sorted out dinner as well. So with plenty of time for myself I could sort out my yarn crates and cabinet. What a wonderful light feeling to have the chaos sorted out again!



Our blogweek topic for the day is another crocheter you admire. Not that easy if there is quite a lot of them that you admire. My very first crochet book I bought was “Simple Crochet” by Erica Knight. And from that book I taught myself to crochet. The book is full of wonderful easy décor projects. No intricate or difficult stitches. For the first year all I crocheted was little round motives and twine baskets. I’ve bought a few other crochet books in the mean time, but always feel drawn to Erica’s books when I see them in a book shop. I also have her book “Crochet Workshop”. She is the reason why I prefer crocheting décor articles above afghans or clothing items. And that is also why I want to show you a few photo’s of my baskets and décor items.




I also had a granny square phase. First the plain one, and then more difficult ones which is a great way to learn new stitches. And every step of the way there were friends in real life and on facebook crochet groups that helped with terminology and pattern deciphering. And I’m sure you all noticed by now that I’m in a t-yarn rug phase at the moment!

I haven’t come across anyone being negative about my crocheting. I always have my iPad with me and show everyone what I’ve been up to whether they want to see it or not! Hahaha! I had quite a few non-crocheters wanting to learn how to crochet after I’ve shown then some of my baskets or rugs. My two teenagers sometimes roll their eyes at me, but then they also surprise me once in a while with a cool idea for something to crochet or what colour combos to use.

I’m a member of a few crochet groups on Facebook. The South African one is “Ons Hekel”. You get a lot of inspiration, tips and tricks of the trade from these groups. I’ve also been very fortunate to meet quite a few of them over the past year or two.

Some people may think that crocheting is for Grandma’s. Obviously they do not have a clue what it’s about. Crochet is art, beauty, therapy, friendships, imagination, inspiration, relaxation, fun, calming, cool, creative and lots more. I can only hope that one day when I am a grandmother, to be healthy enough to still crochet the days away!






2 thoughts on “Day Six (Saturday 17th May): Views Of Others, Views Of Yourself. (5KCBWDAY6)

  1. Anneke ek het dit soooo baie geniet om hierdie “post” te lees! Dankie vir joi moeite en tyd om ons te inspireer!

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