Yarnified Love Bombs by Nallie Radloff!

I’m almost done with the large heart round-up.

I just have to show you this blog that I found!

When I posted my Heart Round-up pictures in Instagram, I used these hash tags: #crochetheart and #valentineheart

Then when I went to look what others posted with the same hash tags I saw Nallie Radloff’s interesting heart bombing Instagram Photos. From there I went through to her blog. And what a pleasant surprise to find even more small heart patterns!

But best of all was the story behind these cute heart patterns. Please head over to her blog to read all about it.



I’m definitely joining her in YLB mission. And you? Remember to use the hashtag “ #YarnifiedLoveBomb ” if you leave a heart or share a post.


4 thoughts on “Yarnified Love Bombs by Nallie Radloff!

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