Crochet Bucket List – numbers 1 and 2

From the dictionary:

“Bucket List” = a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime

It has been way too long since my last blog post.

So much happened in between.  In January we moved house from Paternoster to Langebaan to be closer to our three girls’ schools. It just makes life much easier.  Paternoster was about 40 minutes drive to school. We are building a little beach cottage here in Langebaan in an area called Paradise Beach.  So …. for 2016 we rented a house here.  And  … end of this month (November) we are moving into our own house. Yay!

I am struggling to get organised with the packing.  Not one of my favourites!  And as with the previous move there is always so much yarn, fabric and other crafty stuff to sort out.

I see now that I am way beyond  a few unfinished WIP’s.  Everything is terribly chaotic and out of control.  So  …  I’ve decided to do a few posts about all my projects that I still have to finish.  Putting them all on a Crochet Bucket List makes a lot of sense to me. It also adds some fun in to the packing and sorting and who knows?  Maybe I get to finish some of them in the new house!


                                                        This basket lived in a box since the January move.


This package lived in the same box. Unopened! Twelve extra balls of Colours of Grace Aran 10 ply cotton.


I emptied the crochet basket. And here is my WIP! The plan is to crochet doilies with my Pink Doily Rug Pattern, and then join them together. I’m still deciding : Blanket? Curtain? Wall Decoration? Any other suggestions?


This T-yarn basket will be Number 1 on the Crochet Bucket List. Those scallops on the edge keep on flopping over. I am going to frog the edge and redo it.



                                                                   Tadah! Crochet Bucket List Item Number 2!


Thank you all for stopping by.  I’m off to find more WIP’s to fill more buckets!





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