Crochet Bucket List – numbers 5 and 6


Just showing you the “blanket” again, then you know which squares I am referring to.

Towards the end of the Elle CAL that I mentioned yesterday, a new CAL began.  The Seaside Winter Blanket CAL, by talented local Designer, Zelna Olivier.  The first square was stunning.  And one of those easy addictive squares.  I made quite a few of them, playing with different color combinations.  I am just showing three squares of this CAL.  Do have a look on her blog.  There are lots more.


Umzumbe, Square 1


Umtentweni Square


And my favourite square of them all! Port Shepstone, Square 6

And my Facebook friend Tze Moi, from Tink Crochet in Amsterdam made a t-shirt yarn rug with the Port Shepstone Square.  How awesome is that!


 Then we went away to Arniston and Knysna for school holidays. I just love long drives in the passenger seat. Ample crochet time.  I then crocheted a few of my own squares.  No patterns, No notes, just relaxing crochet, playing with shades of blues and greens.  Again, Christelle, who has an Afrikaans crochet group on Facebook, “Ons Hekel”,  was an influence here.  She was busy with this beautiful tile inspired crochet blanket.


Christelle’s Crochet Tiles.

Everywhere else in the crochet blog and pattern world, tile inspired squares began popping up.  This one was my first try at designing a tile square, but it ended up in a Mandala.  lol!


                                            The rest of my holiday squares.  (No patterns yet)


The Southern Most Tip of Africa



East Head Cafe, Knysna.  Look at my healthy breakfast!  Poached egg on toast AND Lemon Meringue.  Nina is going over the top with fruit.  Hehe!



This one I crocheted when we were back from Knysna. Photograph by Nina Wiese at Paradise Beach, Langebaan

The other large square you saw in yesterday’s post, was the Wishing Well Square from Dedri Uys, which I made bigger with extra rounds of dc and hdc.


Wishing Well

One more square that joined the others was this beautiful and easy one by Polly from Every Trick on the Hook. Another one with endless color combination possibilities.  You must have a look at ALL her other designs.  She has an outstanding collection of crochet squares and her patterns are very well written.



And that was the end of my Granny Square Madness for this year.

In searching for these photos I can also see lots of finished t-shirt yarn rugs as well.  That would be another blog post. BUT … Let me get my ducks in a row and finish with the packing!

Two more buckets filled! And Anya wanted to show you her new watch.  I discovered it in a box this morning.  It was one of the teenager’s from when they were small.  It needs a battery.  In the mean time I manually forward the time by 15 minutes every time she wants to know the time.


I also managed to empty 2 large plastic crates and one box today.  Just old clothes, linen and fleece blankets.  Most of which are going to be given away or donated to Hospice.

Next up?  My cotton yarns.




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