3D Crochet Star Pebble Necklace

3D Crochet Star Pebble Necklace

Living  Dangerously! 😂😂😂

Whenever we travel, I bring back beach pebbles in my suitcase.

In my collection I have pebbles from Strandfontein, Blouberg, Arniston and Knysna, South Africa; Swakopmund, Namibia;  Skopelos and Skiatos, Greece; Positano and Portifino, Italy. There are a few small rocks from Les Gets in the French Alps and a few tiny black rocks from Mount Vesuvius in Naples.

I’m always a little nervous when we check in our luggage at the airport  😳

I then be-crochet the pebbles into necklaces. They make great gifts. One friend uses her neckace as a curtain tie. They also look beautiful if you hang them on a hook against the wall.

I made a Photo Tutorial for you.  If you are on a beach holiday right now, pick up some pebbles an give it a try. If you can’t find any pebbles near you, try your nearest plant nursery.

My pattern is written in US (American) Terminology

What you need:

Beach Pebbles about 4 to 5 cm in diameter.

Any yarn in your stash with the crochet hook recommended for your yarn.

I used Eco-Cotton from Nurturing Fibres and a 3,5 mm hook.



MC   –   Magic Ring,   ch   –   chain,   sc   –   single crochet,   ss   –   slip stitch,   dc   –   double crochet,   dc2tog   –   double crochet two together,   fpdc   –  front post double crochet.


In MC, ch1, 12sc, close with ss in 1st sc


Spectators  😹😹😹



ch2, 1dc in next stitch (counts as first dc2tog), ch3

dc2tog, ch3     X 5, close with ss in first dc2tog



After this round you will see how your Front Post Double Crochet Stitches make your star pop.

After closing round 2 with a ss, make 1 fpsc, ch2 ( that counts as 1 fpdc ) , ch4

*1 fpdc around the next dc2tog, ch4 *   repeat x 4

1 fpdc around the last dc2tog, ch2, 1hdc   ( for the hdc, you yarn over twice , insert your hook into your first fpdc, pull up a loop, yarn over and pull through all three loops on hook )

That simultaneously closes your round AND  brings your end of the round to the middle of the loop in between your double crochets.


Your work should now fit loosely on your pebble.



This round needs less stitches in the chain loops. Which means you are “decreasing ” to close your work at the back of your pebble.

ch3, 1sc in 4ch loop  X 5, ch1, 1hdc.  ( same method as previous round)



This round is just single crochet into each of Round 5’s  3ch loops to ensure a tight fit.



Look at the front of your pebble. You want your necklace string “attached” to the top left and right point of the star.


Turn to the back again.

Now it started raining, so I am left with very little natural light.


“Move” towards the top left with 2 or 3 single crochets. That also  secures the beginning of your string. You can’t hang a pebble on just a slip stitch!


Start making chain stitches here. Mine is about 60 cm .

Cut the yarn, leaving a 25 cm tail, because you want to use your tapestry needle to secure the end of your chain to the top of the star.

There you go!

Ready to wear.


Or wrap it in gift paper for a friend.

For different size pebbles, you can stick to the star pattern and then just adjust the number of chains in your chain loops.

You can also use small flower patterns for the front “panel” of your pebble cover.

Have a look at my Pinterest Free Crochet Flower board here:



Thank you for reading this post.


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