NatCroMo Blog Tour

NatCroMo Blog Tour

Crochetville  Is having their yearly March Blog Tour.  Each day of March they feature Yarn Shops and Crochet Designers on their blog.  Where you will find awesome inspiration and pattern specials.  Do take some time and browse their blog to feast on all the yarnie goodness. I am honoured to be part of the Blog Tour.



For the Glamping Theme I have this Hanging Basket Idea for you.  A neat and compact way to store goodies in your tent or caravan.  You can use my Merry Go Round Crochet Basket  free pattern.  Crochet three baskets with t-shirt yarn; or any bulky cotton; or use two or three strings of any dk yarn in your stash.  Crochet a long string of chains and attach/join the baskets.


In today’s blog post I want to show you a few projects I made since December.  And then right at the end of this post you will find my NatCroMo Special.

First some news on where we live.  Last year we moved from Paternoster to Langebaan to be closer to the school.  We first rented a house and in December we moved into our own newly built house in Paradise Beach. Here you can see the sunset from our house.  We had lovely sunny days which we spent on the beach.  In January the teenagers went back to school and the little one started Grade One.  And now she is practicing her writing in the sand on the beach.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A highlight in January was having my Snowflake Crochet Pattern featured in Ideas Magazine.  If you want the pattern, you can buy the magazine online from Zinio .



Early in January I finished this HUGE floor cushion for my middle child.  It ended up 120 cm in diameter and 50 cm high. I used about 13 kg of t-shirt yarn and my 15 mm hook.  We filled it with foam chips.


And in progress now, is a slightly smaller version for the six year old.

In February I was commissioned by Carle from Nurturing Fibres to design patterns for Creative Hobbies Magazine. Look out for these awesome home decor patterns in their June issue.


I put a piece of calico fabric on Anya’s plastic ABC puzzle and then block my crochet piece with KnitPro T-Pins.IMG_2766

In February I made this beautiful basket.  You can find the free pattern and other home decor patterns via the Facebook page Yarn in a Barn CAL.


And in between all my projects I play around with designs of my own.  I need to write up all these patterns, but find that very time consuming.

I also completed quite a few t-shirt yarn rug orders.  Let me show you  some of them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then my eldest ordered a rug too.  I am using Patricia Kristoffersen’s famous Splendid Doily Pattern.  We are about 75% in to the pattern, but do not have enough of the t-shirt yarn to finish.  Argh.  Plan B is to bring in another colour.  Hope to finish this one soon.

And I’ve kept the best for last.  My Quandala Rug Pattern!


For the next week you can download it for free.  Use the code “NatCroMo Blog Tour”.

This is the dates and times for the special:

Start date March 18, 2017 at 00:00
End date March 25, 2017 at 23:59

I’ve recently crocheted three rugs with this pattern.  My client wanted bright and colourful.

And I love this version by a crochet friend.  She used Tori (a bulky cotton/bamboo blend) by Vinnis Colours.


I hope you enjoy the pattern if you do download it.  Do like (give it a pink heart) on Ravelry and tag us on Instagram if you upload your photo there. #quandalarug.

Quandala stands for Quick and Easy Mandala.  This is an easy pattern for first time rug makers.  And other than normal rug patterns out there, this one has a fabulous soft texture and feel.

Thank you for visiting.

Enjoy the rest of the March Crochet fun with NatCroMo.




Crochet Bucket List – number 3

I think I started this one last year June.

Christelle , founder of the South African Facebook group “Ons Hekel” challenged our members to crochet a blanket for charity.  If you know me and my crochet well, you will know that I have never ever finished a crocheted blanket!

I’ve been eyeing this beautiful green acrylic yarn for a while, but had no project for it.  This challenge was the perfect excuse to buy a few balls.  I saw this beautiful shawlette pattern on Moogly.  It had a beautiful stitch pattern.  Almost like a Corner to Corner, but a bit more lacy. Then I figured out that you can make a square with the pattern. (well sort of, hehe!)




This is how the square looks. I then went all around the square with a variegated yarn using 1 sc ch3, thinking I could then JAYG them all together in a stunning blanket.


Now I have this stack of not so square squares! And two mittens. lol!


Here my assistant, Anya helps me packing them out to see if we have enough squares for a blanket. Oh dear! Now you can clearly see that not all the squares are squared! Eeeeek!


Then Anya came up with this idea for a photograph. I wonder why? She does not know what Frogging means in crochet language.


Crochet Bucket List Item Number 3

I really really do not have lots of hope for this project to become something.  Let’s just put it in a bucket for now.

You are going to love tomorrow’s post.  It is another unfinished blanket!  lol!

Big Valentine’s Day Crochet Hearts Round-up! 20 x Medium Hearts

Ek hoop julle het gister se klein hartjies geniet.

Hier volg die volgende groepie hart patroon skakels.

We continue the free round-ups with a list of fabulous medium crochet hearts.

I am wondering if any of you have tried some of yesterday’s small hearts?

If you did and now want something bigger and different, you will love today’s list!










































Ek het verlede jaar nr11 op die lys gehekel met Vinnis en dit het beautiful uitgekom. Ek het aanvanklik vreeslik gesukkel met rondte nr 3. Toe het ek die hele patroon gecopy en gepaste en vir rondte nr 3 het ek elke van die groepie steke (die dele tussen kommas) op ‘n aparte lyn gesit. Dit maak dit makliker. Veral as mens so 5 of 6 keer gedurende daai spesifieke rondte deur jou familie lede gepla word.

I tried nr 11 on this list. With a few interruptions from the todller, I made a few mistakes in round 3. Then I copied and pasted the pattern and for round three I put each stitch group (the stitches between comma’s) into it’s own line which made it easier for me to follow. Which means that there were 12 lines for round 3. Hope that makes sense!

It came out beautiful with Vinnis Aqua and a 4,5mm hook. Then started it with t-shirt yarn, adapted it a bit to try and make a lacy heart shaped rug. That one is still a WIP! And hidden somewhere!


Geniet die harte en onthou ons gaan nog later vir julle die voorbeelde wys wat ons met t-shirt yarn en Vinnis gehekel het.

Hope you enjoyed this round as well. Next up will be the larger hearts of which some could possibly maybe work for t-shirt yarn rugs.

Anya Heart Crochet Pattern


Daarsy! My eerste patroon wat ek deur Ravelry verkoop! Mag daar nog baie wees.

Ek weet daar is van julle wat te bang is om iets oor die internet te koop. Julle kan my ook inbox of email, reël vir ‘n inbetaling, dan kan ek die patroon vir julle epos. Alternatiewelik is die patroon ook gedruk op papier en beskikbaar by 50 Something Wolwinkel in Vredenburg. Dit is ook te koop by Plain en Purl Wolwinkel in Beaufort-Wes.

Let me introduce to you Anya’s Heart!

A perfect easy two round crochet heart that looks fabulous in any kind of colour and yarn. It is a detailed photo tutorial and it is for sale at



and Craftsy

For those of you that don’t do internet shopping. You can buy the pdf file direct from me via email or an Facebook inbox. And for locals we have paper copies of the pattern at in Vredenburg and at in Beaufort-West.

Worldwide Artist Blog Hop and four questions

Let us just imagine I am posting from Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia where it is still Monday, 14 August 2014!

Thanks for your invite Andrea!

I met Andrea on a Facebook Crochet Group I belong to. I love her crochet doilies with fine yarn. She also creates other works of art in different mediums.

Before I answer the four questions I thought this would also be the ideal opportunity to show you a few of my completed rugs. It is also interesting to see where in the world they hopped to!


This one was a gift to my mother-in-law who lives in Pretoria, South Africa. I got the pattern from here.


This pink one is residing at a local self catering accommodation


The blue granny square rug you will find at our local Pizzeria. Best Pizzas here on the West Coast!




This cream doily rug will end up in Ireland!





This purple and grey doily is very special

I packed 2 x 1 kg balls of t-shirt yarn in my suitcase when we travelled to Italy two years ago. Then crocheted the rug whilst there and gave it to our landlady’s three year old daughter.

This is where we stayed.



Question 1. Why do I do what I do?

As we were driving to Paternoster from Vredenburg the other day, it was drizzling a bit. We are nearing the end of our winter. The road is picturesque with flowers starting to bloom and sheep and cows in the green fields next to the road. I was looking in my rear view mirror and saw a little rainbow forming in the slipstream at the back of the car. The words “a rainbow in my slipstream” came to mind, and got me thinking. I wonder if there is maybe a song with that words? Also, how wonderful it would be if we all leave a rainbow in our slipstream? In interacting with people: whether it is a kind word; gesture or a crocheted gift?


Why do I crochet? I like all the giving there is in crochet.


It gives you joy and relaxation


You can crochet a present and give it to someone


You can sell your crochet work and someone gives you money!


Crochet gives you a thrill when you do yarn bombing!


And when friends know you very well, they give you beautiful yarn when it’s your birthday! Yay!


Question 2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I don’t think my work differs from others. I do like to take special photographs of my work. And I am very lucky to live in the beautiful Paternoster where there is plenty awesome scenery for that perfect photo.

Question 3. How does my creative process work?

Haphazardly and disorganised and random!

That is all I can say about my creative process! Hahaha!

Sometimes I would/should be working on a rug order. Then we run out of cat food. That means a visit to my LYS. (pet shop is right next to the yarn shop!)

Then there would be new yarn screaming at me from the shelves. And back home, the ordered rug would be forgotten and the new yarn just have to be tried out!

Question 4. What am I working on now?

Ok! I will not put down the whole list! It would be toooooo long!

Two half circle rugs


A sort of free form heart shaped rug


A t-shirt yarn basket for a client


A dainty white doily t-shirt yarn rug that I started many many months ago


A crazy colourful summer top. Just because I love crocheting with Elle Premier 4 ply and the colours are so nice


I started this basket last year. Also Elle Premier Cotton 4 ply. Mixing all the colours with twine. I’m still wondering whether it will end up as a basket or maybe a handbag?



Etc. Etc. Etc.

Etc. – can also stand for Eat, Travel, Crochet! What a lovely combination of things to enjoy!

All these WIP’s are going to have to wait a bit this week. We are starting preparations for Anya’s Birthday Party on Sunday. She will be four years on Monday! She wants another Tom and Jerry cake. She does not want to order one. She insists we bake it ourselves!


And now I would like to invite two other creative friends to join us in this World Blog Hop. They will post on Monday, 25 August 2014

Christelle is the founder of the South African Facebook Crochet group “Ons Hekel”. She always has a few interesting crochet projects in the making.

Liezl whom I’ve also met through “Ons Hekel”. She dabbles in lots of different arty things besides crochet.

Voortrekker Monument Yarn Bomb! 1 August 2014.


Marlene and Este laying down the first blanket


Three weeks ago we flew to Johannesburg for Tobie’s Mom’s 75th birthday. By that time every South African Facebook Crochet Group that I belong to were buzzing and getting ready for the Yarn Indaba.

I joked and said that my Mom-in-Law could have had her birthday 2 weeks later to coincide with the Yarn Indaba and the Yarn Bomb! My few crocheted squares were sent in already and I sort of made peace that I would not be attending this fabulous event.

Happy Birthday Bertie!

Happy Birthday Bertie!


We came back from the Birthday celebrations, the two teenagers started school again, and all went back to normal. Until last Monday morning. Tobie was on his way to the little shop in Paternoster. He asked me if he could bring me anything. I said: Yes, an airline ticket to Pretoria. He was wondering whether I’m serious. I thought about it the previous night and decided that it was a once in a life time experience. South Africa’s first big yarn bomb! I simply had to fly up!

So there I was! Back in Pretoria. Offers for a bed to sleep, transport from the airport and to the Yarn Indaba were plenty via the local Facebook Crochet pages : and :

And what an awesome experience!!! To be remembered forever and ever! I met a lot of fellow crocheters whom I’ve only seen on Facebook before. The best part of course was being there just before 8, seeing all the blankets in large bags. Seeing Este and Marlene put the first and very special blanket down. And then participating in putting the rest of the 657 blankets on the steps. Everyone helping wanted to see where their own squares ended up.

Early morning

Early morning



bags and bags full of colourful blankets!

bags and bags full of colourful blankets!

The first and very special blanket

The first and very special blanket

Este laying down the last blanket

Este laying down the last blanket

The end result of the yarn bomb was a spectacular colour explosion far beyond our imaginations! We could not stop looking at it and took lots of photos. Then news came around about yarn stock getting low at the Indaba Stalls around the corner, so we rushed there for some shopping. Everyone was in a frenzy to get their hands on some of the fabulous yarns for sale.

I’m gonna have to crochet and sell quite al lot of rugs to make up for this expensive adventure, but it was totally worth it. I am so thankful for Tobie for looking after our three girls so that Mom could go to this dream yarn event! The groups are already buzzing about another one next year! Who said crocheting or knitting is for boring old ladies???

You can read more about the organising of the yarn bomb here:!yarn-bomb/cfvg

On the same date they also organised a Yarn Indaba where they wanted to promote South African crochet/knitting and weaving yarn, wool, creativity and talent. A one stop shopping experience where you could find pure products made with 100% merino wool, cotton, angora hair and mohair. All proudly made in South Africa. You will find all the exhibitors’ names, contact detail and links to their Facebook pages and websites on the Yarn Indaba website and Facebook page .

The two ladies at the helm, Marlene Scheepers-Fourie and Este Beukes worked very hard to ensure a very successful event! We are so proud of them. Ladies and a few gents from all over South Africa and overseas started crocheting and knitting their 20 x 20 cm squares in August last year.

Their goal was to set up the largest yarn bomb in South Africa.

They needed 19 050 x (20x20cm) and 3 350 x (15x15cm) squares.

By 23 June 2014 they had 18 300.

By 26 June 2014 they had 20 530 .

And on 14 July 2014 they had a total of 27803 squares and from that a total of 657 blankets. The blankets will now be donated to various charity organisations.


Gerlene, on a family visit all the way from Ireland. And she spotted her squares!  Yay!

Gerlene, on a family visit all the way from Ireland. And she spotted her squares! Yay!

And I found my three Paternoster squares!!!

And I found my three Paternoster squares!!!

Just look at all the beautiful squares in the blankets! Maybe you can spot yours too!

image image

image image

And all the fellow crocheters!!! We had such a fun yarn day!!!

Kiets, Loma, Annelize, Adele, Bertie, Louise

Kiets, Loma, Annelize, Adele, Bertie, Louise

Gerlene, Annette, Christelle, Hilda and her daughter, and Susan (my sister in law)

Gerlene, Annette, Christelle, Hilda and her daughter, and Susan (my sister in law)

Liezl, Lizette, Elza, Katinka

Liezl, Lizette, Elza, Katinka

image image

An Absolutely Awesome Yarn Bomb Day with the most wonderful memories!!!

An Absolutely Awesome Yarn Bomb Day with the most wonderful memories!!!


I’ll do another post soon to show my shopping at the Yarn Indaba. I’ve already started crocheting a blanket with blue cotton from “Colours of Grace”.


Day Seven (Sunday 18th May): Looking Back, Looking Forward (5KCBWDAY7)

This is day seven of the 5th Annual Knitting And Crochet Blog Week 2014! 


2012 was the year that I started experimenting in crocheting rugs with t-shirt yarn. Whilst packing and organising my yarns yesterday, I found three rug WIP’s from long ago. The first pink one with the flowers on the outside was intended for Anya, our little pink princess. I cut leftover fabric and two little fleecy blankets in 1,5 cm strips and crocheted with a 10mm hook. Back then I did not even know you get anything bigger than a 10mm! Let’s see if I can finish that one by next year April! Hahaha!


The 2nd 2012 rug WIP was suppose to be covers for our dining room chairs. I started by cutting up 3 old t-shirts and soon discovered that doesn’t bring you very far. At the fabric store I was a bit shocked at the price of t-shirt fabric ! I finished one chair! 5 more to go!



The 3rd was an attempt at a heart shaped rug for my daughter’s friend for her birthday. For this one I cut up some trilobal fabric which was about half the price of the t-shirt fabric. As you can see here, no sign of a heart shape! 



We were still living in Sea Point, Cape Town then. I taught my houseworker to crochet with the idea of her earning extra money. Managed to get her a big order for neck warmers and scarves for a shop in Langebaan. I had great fun searching for the right yarn in every colour of the rainbow. And Patience was very proud of her new found hobby and all the extra money!


This was also the year that I discovered that Vredenburg, the closest town to Paternoster had a fabulous little yarn shop,

It was also the first year that I started selling some of my own crochet. There is a farm stall between Vredenburg and Paternoster. The owner liked and bought some of my crochet motives, bunting and candle holders. And what do us crocheters do with that extra money? Buy more yarn! Yay!



My crochet in 2013

In January we moved house from Sea Point, Cape Town to Paternoster on the West Coast.

In April I discovered that you can buy strips of t-shirt yarn rolled up in a ball and ready for crochet! That was in Vredendal whilst on holiday in Strandfontein.

Then the wonderful owner of our LYS started stocking it, and since then I’ve crocheted about 50??? t-shirt rugs. I lost count of exactly how many I made.

In August I joined the South African Facebook crochet group,, and other members was just as excited about the idea of crocheting your own bathroom rug with t-shirt yarn. The founder of the page tried out something different and covered a pouffe with T.

I did two markets, one in Vredenburg and one in Langebaan. My reality is that I cannot do a market every Saturday and expect Tobie to look after our two teenagers and the toddler.

I was a guest on quite a few other crochet blogs

I opened my online shop

I wanted to start a blog called “a Year in Paternoster”. And instead started this blog, Crochet-in-Paternoster, but only went live December.


My crochet in 2014


I published two of my own rug designs on my blog

In June I will coordinate, a floor rug CAL for the Facebook crochet group,

Where do I want to be in April 2015? Right here in Paternoster!

Teach/Train a local or two how to crochet the t-shirt rugs. This one is first on my list, because I cannot keep up with the orders all by myself and I really like the idea of enabling people to crochet and earn. The first woman I have in mind works in the mornings. I’m busy with the kids in the afternoon. So there would have to be some major juggling to try and figure out the logistics! Oh! ….. and she can’t read crochet patterns!

My blog needs some more attention on the admin side

More blog posts with patterns, know-how and tips for working with T

I want to find software for creating symbol crochet charts

Maybe a book on crocheting rugs? Yes! It’s good to dream hey!


Now to do all of the above I need to be a bit more organised. Another dream! To be organised! Hahaha!


I am extremely thankful for everyone making it possible for me to crochet my dreams away. On top of that list is Tobie, my husband. Then there is my children for putting up with crochet everywhere in the house. And there is Selma and Anthea at the Yarn Shop. And a long list of Facebook friends on my own page and on the groups I belong to.