Crochet Bucket List – number 3

I think I started this one last year June.

Christelle , founder of the South African Facebook group “Ons Hekel” challenged our members to crochet a blanket for charity.  If you know me and my crochet well, you will know that I have never ever finished a crocheted blanket!

I’ve been eyeing this beautiful green acrylic yarn for a while, but had no project for it.  This challenge was the perfect excuse to buy a few balls.  I saw this beautiful shawlette pattern on Moogly.  It had a beautiful stitch pattern.  Almost like a Corner to Corner, but a bit more lacy. Then I figured out that you can make a square with the pattern. (well sort of, hehe!)




This is how the square looks. I then went all around the square with a variegated yarn using 1 sc ch3, thinking I could then JAYG them all together in a stunning blanket.


Now I have this stack of not so square squares! And two mittens. lol!


Here my assistant, Anya helps me packing them out to see if we have enough squares for a blanket. Oh dear! Now you can clearly see that not all the squares are squared! Eeeeek!


Then Anya came up with this idea for a photograph. I wonder why? She does not know what Frogging means in crochet language.


Crochet Bucket List Item Number 3

I really really do not have lots of hope for this project to become something.  Let’s just put it in a bucket for now.

You are going to love tomorrow’s post.  It is another unfinished blanket!  lol!


Worldwide Artist Blog Hop and four questions

Let us just imagine I am posting from Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia where it is still Monday, 14 August 2014!

Thanks for your invite Andrea!

I met Andrea on a Facebook Crochet Group I belong to. I love her crochet doilies with fine yarn. She also creates other works of art in different mediums.

Before I answer the four questions I thought this would also be the ideal opportunity to show you a few of my completed rugs. It is also interesting to see where in the world they hopped to!


This one was a gift to my mother-in-law who lives in Pretoria, South Africa. I got the pattern from here.


This pink one is residing at a local self catering accommodation


The blue granny square rug you will find at our local Pizzeria. Best Pizzas here on the West Coast!




This cream doily rug will end up in Ireland!





This purple and grey doily is very special

I packed 2 x 1 kg balls of t-shirt yarn in my suitcase when we travelled to Italy two years ago. Then crocheted the rug whilst there and gave it to our landlady’s three year old daughter.

This is where we stayed.



Question 1. Why do I do what I do?

As we were driving to Paternoster from Vredenburg the other day, it was drizzling a bit. We are nearing the end of our winter. The road is picturesque with flowers starting to bloom and sheep and cows in the green fields next to the road. I was looking in my rear view mirror and saw a little rainbow forming in the slipstream at the back of the car. The words “a rainbow in my slipstream” came to mind, and got me thinking. I wonder if there is maybe a song with that words? Also, how wonderful it would be if we all leave a rainbow in our slipstream? In interacting with people: whether it is a kind word; gesture or a crocheted gift?


Why do I crochet? I like all the giving there is in crochet.


It gives you joy and relaxation


You can crochet a present and give it to someone


You can sell your crochet work and someone gives you money!


Crochet gives you a thrill when you do yarn bombing!


And when friends know you very well, they give you beautiful yarn when it’s your birthday! Yay!


Question 2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I don’t think my work differs from others. I do like to take special photographs of my work. And I am very lucky to live in the beautiful Paternoster where there is plenty awesome scenery for that perfect photo.

Question 3. How does my creative process work?

Haphazardly and disorganised and random!

That is all I can say about my creative process! Hahaha!

Sometimes I would/should be working on a rug order. Then we run out of cat food. That means a visit to my LYS. (pet shop is right next to the yarn shop!)

Then there would be new yarn screaming at me from the shelves. And back home, the ordered rug would be forgotten and the new yarn just have to be tried out!

Question 4. What am I working on now?

Ok! I will not put down the whole list! It would be toooooo long!

Two half circle rugs


A sort of free form heart shaped rug


A t-shirt yarn basket for a client


A dainty white doily t-shirt yarn rug that I started many many months ago


A crazy colourful summer top. Just because I love crocheting with Elle Premier 4 ply and the colours are so nice


I started this basket last year. Also Elle Premier Cotton 4 ply. Mixing all the colours with twine. I’m still wondering whether it will end up as a basket or maybe a handbag?



Etc. Etc. Etc.

Etc. – can also stand for Eat, Travel, Crochet! What a lovely combination of things to enjoy!

All these WIP’s are going to have to wait a bit this week. We are starting preparations for Anya’s Birthday Party on Sunday. She will be four years on Monday! She wants another Tom and Jerry cake. She does not want to order one. She insists we bake it ourselves!


And now I would like to invite two other creative friends to join us in this World Blog Hop. They will post on Monday, 25 August 2014

Christelle is the founder of the South African Facebook Crochet group “Ons Hekel”. She always has a few interesting crochet projects in the making.

Liezl whom I’ve also met through “Ons Hekel”. She dabbles in lots of different arty things besides crochet.

crochet an elegant square t-shirt yarn rug / hekel ‘n elegante blokkie t-shirt jaarn mat

crochet an elegant square t-shirt yarn rug / hekel ‘n elegante blokkie t-shirt jaarn mat


Net gou ‘n vinnige inskrywing met ‘n skakel na hierdie mooi blok se patroon. Ek het ‘n bestelling gehad vir ‘n “granny square” mat. En dit net nadat ek DRIE blou granny square matte moes hekel vir iemand. Ek was net so klein bietjie keelvol vir ‘n gewone granny square en vir die alewige gesukkel om die 6 blokke so netjies moontlik, as wat die T jou toelaat, aanmekaar en plat te kry. Ek wou iets nuuts, maklik en vinnig doen en het die internet deursoek vir ‘n anderste ouma blok. Wel ‘n paar gevind, maar nie een wat skreeu: “Pick me! Pick me!” nie. Toe gaan ek maar deur my hekelboeke en deur al die gestoorde patrone op my iPad. En toe! Daar praat hierdie patroon met my. Iets heel anders. Mooi kant effek. En die heel belangrikste, jy kan die blokke aanmekaarhekel met jou laaste rondte! Yay! Fanwolletasties! Jy moet weet dit was ‘n hele paar dae se soek!

So hierdie keer hoef ek nie te gaan sit en my eie notas ontsyfer nie! Ek kan net vir julle die patroon skakel gee. Lekker!

Hier is hy:
Dis ‘n PDF ebook wat jy gratis aflaai by Red Heart Yarn se website.
Die elegant square patroon is op bladsy 11.
Daar is sommer ‘n paar ander oulike patrone en idees ook in die boek.


Just a quick blog entry with a website link to the beautiful square I used in this rectangular rug. I had an order for a doily rug and for a granny square rug. And just before that I finished an order for THREE granny squares rugs. I had absolutely NO motivation to start another one. So I browsed the internet for unusual granny square patterns and preferably one that would work with JAYG as it takes quite a bit of effort to join normal granny squares in a neat and flat way with the T-shirt yarn. I found a few on the internet, but not that one that screams : “Pick me! Pick me!”
Then I went through the crochet books in my bookcase and the patterns stored on my iPad. Found this one in a file screaming for my attention! It had this nice lacy look and its joined with JAYG! Yay! Fanyarntastic!

So this time around I don’t have to sit down and decipher my own notes! I can simply share the website link. Cool!

Here it is:
It is an free PDF ebook you can download from Red Heart Yarn’s website.
The Elegant Square pattern is on page 11.
The ebook has a few other nice patterns an ideas.




Die blok se hekel was baie maklik. Jy hekel al die blokke tot by rondte 5. Dan hekel jy een blok tot by rondte 6. En dan gaan jy JAYG met die ander blokke se rondte 6. Ek het so bietjie gesukkel met die aanmekaarhekel met rondte 6 en toe maar sommer so op my eie aangevoeter.

As jy nie weet hoe om te JAYG nie gaan Google bietjie en lees op. Ek belowe jou as jy een keer blokke so aanmekaar gehekel het gaan jy nie sommer weer die ou tydrowende manier van vaswerk gebruik nie.

It is an easy square to crochet. You crochet 6 blocks up to round 5. Then you crochet one square up to round 6. Then you JAYG the other 5 in their 6th rounds. I struggled a bit with their instructions for the JAYG and ended up just fudging mine together my own way.

If you are not familiar with JAYG, Google it. I can promise you, once you’ve used this method to join your squares you won’t go back to the arduous time consuming old way of doing it.



Ek was vreeslik opgewonde toe al 6 blokke mooi aanmekaar gehekel was! So mooi! Maar hy het n nog ietsie gekort. ‘n Randjie dalk? Ja! ‘n Randjie om hom mooi af te rond. Weer ‘n groot soektog. Die rande wat ek altyd om die matte sit wou nie werk nie. Ek het seker 5 verskillende pogings aanghekel waarvan almal te dik/breed was en dan verloor die mat sy lacy look. Na so ‘n dag of twee se dink en kyk het die antwoord gekom! Basies net ‘n herhaling van rondte nommer 6 reg rondom die mat met die charcoal kleur.

I was super excited when I had all the squares joined together. So different from all the granny square rugs I’ve done previously. I loved it! But something was missing. Perhaps a border? So another search and I had a look at all the methods I used for my other rugs. I’ve tried about 5 different versions. Nothing worked. They were all to broad/thick and didn’t look right with the lacy look of the squares. And then, after a day or two of thinking and looking at the rug, the answer came. Simple and easy! Just a sort of a repeat of round 6 right around the squares with the darker charcoal. Perfect. I did not write down what I did their with the border, but I think if you have a close look at it you should be able to figure it out.


En dan die gewone klaar-met-mat-feesvier met koek en koffie by Mondvol Padstal!

En dan word die matte mooi gewas.

En dan word hulle mooi toegedraai in bubble wrap vir pos.

En dan die afwagting om te hoor of die ontvanger gelukkig is daarmee!

Then the usual rug-completeness-celebration with cake and coffee at Mondvol Farm stall!

Then the rugs go into the washing machine.

Then they get wrapped up in bubble wrap for mailing.

Then the anticipation for feedback from the receiver.

Then, onto the next one!


oooh! Just received the photo’s from my client


Ek koop my T-shirt wolle by
I buy my T-shirt yarn from

See you soon for some more fabulous rug talk and photo’s !

pink doily t-shirt rug / pienk doily t-shirt mat


En hiermee uit-frieken-eindelik die doily mat patroon! Ek dink mos altyd ek kan gou in een aand ‘n patroontjie uitskryf. Vergeet partykere dat ek ‘n huis, man en drie kinders het! Hahaha! O! EN ‘n mat besigheid!

Hooray! At last! The doily rug pattern! I always think I can whip up the photo tut in one night! Seem to forget about the house, hubby and three children! Oh! AND a rug business!

photo 1


PicCollage (1)

Steke gebruik:


ks = kettingsteek

kb = kortbeen

hlb = halwe langbeen

lb = langbeen

gs = glipsteek

V-steek = bestaan uit (1 lb, 2 ks, 1 lb). Let Wel !!! by party rondtes het die V-steke 3 ks tussen die langbene. die eerste V-steek van die rondte is altyd 3 ks wat tel as een langbeen.

rondtes word “toegemaak” met ‘n glipsteek in daai begin “3ks” se 3rde ks. Let Wel party rondtes word toegemaak deur ‘n glipsteek in die begin V.


Stitches used:

(US terminology)


ch = chain

sc = single crochet

hdc = half double crochet

dc = double crochet

ss = slip stitch

V-stitch = (1 dc, ch 2, 1 dc). In some of the rounds, the V-stitches have 3 chains in-between the dc’s. The first V-stitch in a round has 3 chains which counts as a dc. Rounds are closed with a slip stitch in the 3rd chain of that beginning 3 ch. NB, some rounds are closed with a slip stitch into the first V.































Dit is nogal ‘n uitdaging om ‘n patroon te skryf vir ‘n T-mat. In die tyd wat dit opgeneem het kon ek seker 5 sulke matte gehekel het! Elke bal en kleur verskil van tekstuur, rekbaarheid en breedte van die stroke. Dus werk ‘n patroon soms vir een breedte T en nie vir die volgende ene nie. Ek hoop hierdie ene werk vir julle. Ek het hom al met ‘n hele paar verskillende kleure en dikte T gehekel. Geniet dit! En vra maar as jy iets nie verstaan nie!

It is quite a challenge to write a pattern for a t-shirt yarn rug, because the strips in every ball of t-shirt yarn differs in width, elasticity, texture. I do hope this one works for you. I’ve crocheted a few rugs in different colours and fabric thickness with this pattern. Enjoy! Please do ask if anything is unclear to you.

photo 4

Brown version where you can see the different hook sizes. The brown T was a bit thicker than the pink T I used in the tut, but worked fabulous! (57 cm)


and a grey one!  (62cm)

and a grey one! (62cm)


and a red one!

and a red one! (57cm)




Ek stuur gewoonlik my patroon so bladsy vir bladsy vir my suster se dogter, Anne-Marie om dit oor te gaan vir tik, spel of hekelfoute. Baaaaie Baaaaie dankie Anne-Marie. Die arme vrou word soms tot saans laat gebombardeer met eposse en bbm’s. En sy het sommer so saam met die check van die patroonbladsye vinnig haar eie rooi weergawe gehekel!

Whenever I write a new photo tut, I send the pages to my sister’s daughter, Anne-Marie. She checks them for spelling and/or crochet mistakes. The poor woman gets bombarded with late night emails and text messages! Thank you so much for your input and patience Anne-Marie! And whilst checking the pages, she started her own red doily rug.





Volgende patrone op die lys:

Die hart. Bwhahaha! Hy sal seker eers met volgende jaar se Valentyns reg wees!

Die blou mandala. Ek het rondte vir rondte neergeskryf wat ek gedoen het. Sal ek hom gou môre aand opsit? Bwhahaha!

En dan die groot mandjie? Die aand daarna?

Next patterns on the list:

The heart. Bwhahaha! Maybe before Valentine’s next year!

The blue mandala. I wrote the pattern down as I went along. Shall I post that tomorrow night? Bwhahaha!

And after that, the large basket? The next evening?










Ek koop my T-shirt wolle by

I buy my T-shirt yarn from


T-shirt yarn rugs crocheted by me / T-shirt jaarn matte wat ek gehekel het

Terwyl hier nou niks gebeur op die blog nie, gaan ek net solank ‘n paar van my matte wat ek gehekel het opsit. Wees maar geduldig, ek werk aan posts en patrone, maar met huis en kinders en atletiek en netbal en die pienk prinses ensovoorts kom ek nie by alles uit nie.

Nothing going on here!!! I’m working on a pattern or two. I also have a few rug orders lined up. Then there is also the house, the two teenagers, their sport and the toddler, etc! I’m just going to start uploading a few of my finished rugs to give you some inspiration and ideas.

in ons voorportaal:my gunsteling mat / at our front door:my favourite rug

in ons voorportaal:my gunsteling mat / at our front door:my favourite rug

dit het my so 'n maand of wat geneem om al die kleure bymekaar te kry / it took me a month or two to collect all the colours for this one

dit het my so ‘n maand of wat geneem om al die kleure bymekaar te kry / it took me a month or two to collect all the colours for this one

en met elke rondte het ek nog kleure bygebring soos groen en pers / and with each round I added other colours like green and purple

en met elke rondte het ek nog kleure bygebring soos groen en pers / and with each round I added other colours like green and purple

die blou mat op 'n photo shoot in Church Haven.  photographer: Simon Mouton

die blou mat op ‘n photo shoot in Church Haven. photographer: Simon Mouton

Hierdie blou mat is een van my gunstelinge. Dit was ook my eerste groot ene wat ek sonder patroon aangepak het. Ek sien ek het genoeg foto’s geneem om so soort van ‘n tutoriaal te doen. Eendag, wanneer ek tyd het!

Mooi bly.


This blue one is one of my favourites. It was one of the first ones I tackled without a pattern. I see that there is enough progress photo’s in my files to show you how to make one. Will try to load them soon.

Keep well


Flower t-shirt rug photo tutorial Part 2 / Blom t-shirt mat foto-patroon Deel 2

mat ek

mat 6

mat 1

Die hopie blomme het toe vir dae lank hier op ‘n stoel gelê. Ek het geen idee gehad hoe ek die spul aanmekaar gaan kry nie! Die paar patrone waarna ek gekyk het, was almal met die blom se laaste rondte aanmekaar gehekel. En hier sit ek toe met 7 reuse klaargehekelde blomme!

Toe het ek sommer net een aand losgetrek en die spul aanmekaar gehekel. En omdat ek in die aand gehekel het, het ek nie baie foto’s geneem van die proses nie. Ek gaan wel met die paar foto’s wat ek het, vir julle probeer wys wat ek gedoen het. Lessie geleer? As ek weer so ‘n mat aanpak, sal ek die blomme reg van die begin af aanmekaar hekel!!!

The seven flowers you saw in ( ) were stacked / stuck on a chair for days because I had absolutely no idea how to crochet them together! I’ve had a look at other patterns and tutorials and they were all JAYG’s.

And then one evening I’ve had enough of the flowers eyeing me and just jumped in and started crocheting them together. I can’t take nice photo’s with the iPad in the evening. So with the little photo’s that I have, I will try and show you what I’ve done. Lesson learned? If I ever wanted to crochet a flower rug again, I will most definitely use the JAYG method!!!

foto 1

foto 5

foto 2

foto 3

foto 4

Reg! Nou is jou blomme vas aanmekaar. Dit was die maklike deel! Hahaha!  Alle voorspoed vir jou as jy ook ‘n rand buite om die blomme wil hekel! Ek stel voor jy lees die hele langdradige prentjie storie ‘n paar keer deur en besluit of jy kans sien daarvoor.

Ok! You should have one beautiful huge flower by now. That was the easy part. You will need some time and patience if you want go for the border around your flowers. I suggest you read through the border tutorial a few times to make sure you understand what I did there. Good luck!

foto 6

foto 7

foto 8

foto 9

foto 91

foto 92

foto 93

Ons was almal baie bly toe die mat uiteindelik klaar is en het dit sommer gaan vier by Mondvol Padstal. Lekker suur suurlemoentert en yskoffie vir my, ‘n tjoklit cupcake vir Anya en red velvet cupcakes vir die twee tieners.

We celebrated the finished rug at our favourite farmstall, Mondvol Padstal, with lemon tart and iced coffee for me, a chocolate cupcake for Anya, and the two teenagers had red velvet cupcakes.

mat 7

mat 4

(oeps amper vergeet ek!  ek het so 2 balle van 1kg elk van die grys gebruik en so een bal lilac, en ‘n 12 mm hekelpen)

Daar is nog so baie wat ek hier met julle wil deel. Vir starters wil ek foto’s opsit van al die matte wat ek al gehekel het. Dan is daar daai hartmat waarmee ek so gesukkel het. En van harte gepraat! Anya, ons ou laatlam prinsessie is mos die week speelskooltjie toe. Ek dink Mamma was baie meer hartseer as sy.

Mooi bly tot volgende keer!

(oops! Almost forgot! I used a 12mm crochet hook and about 2 kg of grey t-shirt yarn and more or less 1 kg of lilac)  

Do come back soon as I still have lots of rug photos to show you.


Flower t-shirt rug photo tutorial Part 1 / Blom t-shirt mat foto-patroon Deel 1

Ek is sooooooo opgewonde! My heel eerste foto patroon op my blog! Wol-Wol Hoera! Ek het stap vir stap foto’s geneem van elke rondte van die blomme. En toe gedink ek gaan sommer in een aand tjop-tjop die patroon uitskryf. Hahaha! Toe nou nie. Dit neem nogal ‘n paar ure om die foto’s uit te kies, te crop, en byskrifte by te sit.

I am super excited! My very first own photo tutorial! Yarn-Yarn Hooray! A few mornings ago I took a few step-by-step photo’s of each round of the flowers. And thought I would quickly whip up a tutorial that night. Hahaha! Not so easy. I now have all the more respect for every one out there that has written photo tutorials for us.  

photo (95)

Op my vorige blog inskrywings het julle nou al ‘n ronde doily mat gesien en ‘n reghoekige ouma blokke mat. En vandat ek laasjaar begin matte hekel het was daar nou al dosyne van hulle. Ek wonder nou al vir ‘n rukkie hoe dit sal lyk as mens ‘n paar Japanese blomme hekel en hulle dan aanmekaar hekel. Eintlik is ek veronderstel om nou ‘n granny mat vir ‘n bestelling te hekel, maar ek is nie lus daarvoor nie.

Ek spring toe weg met mooi grys T en begin met hierdie blom.

Die eerste paar rondtes was ok, maar as jy by die laaste rondte kom is die 8 langbene net te veel vir die dikte van die T. Ek het dit toe aangepas na 5 langbene met 1 kettingsteek tussenin. Dit lyk toe beter en bietjie platter. En ek wou ook die 6 blomme aanmekaar hekel soos in ‘n ouma blok mat. Dit sou nie werk met die patroon se 11 blomblare nie. En van daar af het ek sommer die hele patroon verander soos ek dit wou hê. En dit gaan ek nou alles vir julle probeer verduidelik met my heel eerste foto-patroon!

On my previous blog posts you saw a giant doily rug and a granny square one. I felt like something different and wanted to try a Japanese flower rug with the T-shirt yarn. I’m actually suppose to be crocheting a granny square rug for an order, but still need some inspiration for a nice square pattern.

So I grabbed my hook and some grey T and started with a Japanese flower from this pattern. . BUT the 8 dc’s in the last round were too much for the thickness of the T. I changed that to 5 dc with a 1ch in between and the petals looked better. And because I wanted to join 6 flowers together (as in my granny square rug) the eleven petals had to be changed to 12. After all those changes, let’s just call it a West Coast flower!

photo (96)

En toe raak die grys T op in die laaste rondte van blom nr 6! Lekker vies! Oor na plan B. Trek al die blomme se blare uit en maak dit lilac/pienk.

And then I ran out of grey T in the last round of flower nr 6! Grrrr! Plan B. Frog all six flower’s petals and redo them in lilac/pink.

So hier kom die patroon!

And here is the pattern!

photo (98)

photo (99)

photo (100)






Ek is nou in two minds of die mat reghoekig of rond moet wees en het toe op die facebook hekelgroep “Ons Hekel” gevra wat hulle dink. Tot dusver het die meeste gestem vir die blom weergawe.

Ek verlaat julle nou hier met die halwe projek en hoop om sommer gou vir julle die voltooide mat en vashekelmetode te kan wys.

I can’t decide whether I want the rug to have a rectangular or flower shape and have asked the opinions of fellow crocheters on the facebook crochet group “Ons Hekel”. Most of them voted for the flower version.

 I can hear my family’s tummy’s rumbling! I’ll be back soon to show you the finished rug as well as the joining method.



Ek koop my T-shirt wolle by

I buy my T-shirt yarn from