Day Seven (Sunday 18th May): Looking Back, Looking Forward (5KCBWDAY7)

This is day seven of the 5th Annual Knitting And Crochet Blog Week 2014! 


2012 was the year that I started experimenting in crocheting rugs with t-shirt yarn. Whilst packing and organising my yarns yesterday, I found three rug WIP’s from long ago. The first pink one with the flowers on the outside was intended for Anya, our little pink princess. I cut leftover fabric and two little fleecy blankets in 1,5 cm strips and crocheted with a 10mm hook. Back then I did not even know you get anything bigger than a 10mm! Let’s see if I can finish that one by next year April! Hahaha!


The 2nd 2012 rug WIP was suppose to be covers for our dining room chairs. I started by cutting up 3 old t-shirts and soon discovered that doesn’t bring you very far. At the fabric store I was a bit shocked at the price of t-shirt fabric ! I finished one chair! 5 more to go!



The 3rd was an attempt at a heart shaped rug for my daughter’s friend for her birthday. For this one I cut up some trilobal fabric which was about half the price of the t-shirt fabric. As you can see here, no sign of a heart shape! 



We were still living in Sea Point, Cape Town then. I taught my houseworker to crochet with the idea of her earning extra money. Managed to get her a big order for neck warmers and scarves for a shop in Langebaan. I had great fun searching for the right yarn in every colour of the rainbow. And Patience was very proud of her new found hobby and all the extra money!


This was also the year that I discovered that Vredenburg, the closest town to Paternoster had a fabulous little yarn shop,

It was also the first year that I started selling some of my own crochet. There is a farm stall between Vredenburg and Paternoster. The owner liked and bought some of my crochet motives, bunting and candle holders. And what do us crocheters do with that extra money? Buy more yarn! Yay!



My crochet in 2013

In January we moved house from Sea Point, Cape Town to Paternoster on the West Coast.

In April I discovered that you can buy strips of t-shirt yarn rolled up in a ball and ready for crochet! That was in Vredendal whilst on holiday in Strandfontein.

Then the wonderful owner of our LYS started stocking it, and since then I’ve crocheted about 50??? t-shirt rugs. I lost count of exactly how many I made.

In August I joined the South African Facebook crochet group,, and other members was just as excited about the idea of crocheting your own bathroom rug with t-shirt yarn. The founder of the page tried out something different and covered a pouffe with T.

I did two markets, one in Vredenburg and one in Langebaan. My reality is that I cannot do a market every Saturday and expect Tobie to look after our two teenagers and the toddler.

I was a guest on quite a few other crochet blogs

I opened my online shop

I wanted to start a blog called “a Year in Paternoster”. And instead started this blog, Crochet-in-Paternoster, but only went live December.


My crochet in 2014


I published two of my own rug designs on my blog

In June I will coordinate, a floor rug CAL for the Facebook crochet group,

Where do I want to be in April 2015? Right here in Paternoster!

Teach/Train a local or two how to crochet the t-shirt rugs. This one is first on my list, because I cannot keep up with the orders all by myself and I really like the idea of enabling people to crochet and earn. The first woman I have in mind works in the mornings. I’m busy with the kids in the afternoon. So there would have to be some major juggling to try and figure out the logistics! Oh! ….. and she can’t read crochet patterns!

My blog needs some more attention on the admin side

More blog posts with patterns, know-how and tips for working with T

I want to find software for creating symbol crochet charts

Maybe a book on crocheting rugs? Yes! It’s good to dream hey!


Now to do all of the above I need to be a bit more organised. Another dream! To be organised! Hahaha!


I am extremely thankful for everyone making it possible for me to crochet my dreams away. On top of that list is Tobie, my husband. Then there is my children for putting up with crochet everywhere in the house. And there is Selma and Anthea at the Yarn Shop. And a long list of Facebook friends on my own page and on the groups I belong to.
















Christmas 2013  / Kersfees 2013

Christmas 2013 / Kersfees 2013

Hierdie jaar se krismisboom met gehekelde versierings

Hierdie jaar se krismisboom met gehekelde versierings

Daar is die jaar al weer amper verby. Laasjaar hierdie tyd was ons nog naarstigtelik besig om 13 jaar se goeters in te pak by die Seepunt huis. Dit is darem verskriklik wat mens als kan opgaar! Tobie se raad aan ons girls was om als in drie bokse te verdeel. Een vir weggee/weggooi; een vir stoor; en een vir saambring hier na Pater toe. Ons het baie weggegee. Baie min gestoor. En nog steeds te veel goeters gehad vir ons klein seehuisie. Ons het so einde November begin met die groot inpak. Na so een week moedeloos geraak en sommer vir ‘n paar dae Pater toe gekom. Weer Seepunt toe om te pak. En weer Pater toe vir rus. En so ‘n paar dae voor die treklorrie als in Seepunt moes kom oplaai is ek vir so 3 dae alleen terug om die finale inpak te doen. Wie het al probeer inpak vir so ‘n groot trek met twee tieners en ‘n toddler onder jou voete? Dis byna ‘n saak van onmoontlikheid. Die kinders wil niks weggooi of weggee nie en hulle wil die heeldag eet.

Just a few more days and we can say goodbye 2013. This time last year we were still busy frantically packing up 13 years of stuff for the big move from Sea Point (Cape Town) to Paternoster (West Coast). We (most of us I think) simply have too many unnecessary material belongings. We tried a system where we would divide things into 3 boxes. One for storage, one for giving away and one to take with to our beach house in Paternoster. Much easier said than done. Try packing up house with two teenagers and a toddler under your feet! We gave up after the first week of packing and came to Paternoster for a week and pretended we’re on holiday. Went back to Sea Point to pack a bit more. Back and forth! Then I went on my own without the children to do the final packing.

Voorstrandt Beach Paternoster

Voorstrandt Beach Paternoster

Our holiday house before we moved in parmanently

Our holiday house before we moved in permanently

Sea View from living room

Sea View from living room

And then the boxes started coming!

And then the boxes started coming!

Ons eerste jaar hier in Pater het gevlieg. Aanvanklik het dit gevoel soos een lang vakansie, omdat dit altyd net ons vakansie bestemming was. Die tiener dogters het gelukkig van dag een af baie goed by hulle nuwe skool in Langebaan aangepas. Dit was ons grootste bekommernis. Tobie neem hulle in die oggend Vredenburg toe om die skoolbus te vang. Ek en Anya kan laat slaap, wat veral in die winter fantasties was. Dan gaan haal ek en sy hulle by die bus in die middag. Heel in die begin was ons tweetjies al ‘n half uur voor die tyd by die busstop. Soos die jaar aangestap het, was ons al hoe meer op die nippertjie en soms ‘n minuut of twee laat. Veral as ons by die wolwinkel gaan kuier het. Tobie vorder heel goed met sy Universiteit handboek. Met Anya by die huis word hy maar heelwat onderbreek daar in sy “study”. En ek het so stadigaan hier van April se kant af my besigheid met die gehekelde matte van T shirt aan die gang gekry.

The two older girls adjusted very well in their new school and are doing fabulously in there academics. They made new friends and enjoy the walks on the beach, bicycle rides and boogie boarding. Tobie is making good progress with his university text book. And since April I’ve slowly started up my crochet business. The toddler is having a ball. She and Tobie goes to the beach almost every morning. And she is now also demanding an ice cream from the small café in Pater on a daily basis. She thinks she is on a permanent holiday! Most of the days we think so too!

IMG_4219 (2)

Out of the front door, down at the corner and ready to boogy!

Out of the front door, down at the corner and ready to boogy!

Ons is almal baie verlig en dankbaar dat ons hierdie Desember glad nie hoef te pak of trek nie. Ons bly net hier in Pater!

This December there will be no packing and moving house. We are deeply thankful for being able to stay right here in Pater for now.