Christmas Crochet Decorations and a T-shirt Yarn Rug

Christmas Crochet Decorations and a T-shirt Yarn Rug

I want to show you what else you can do with my free Floppy Star Crochet Pattern

Decorate a plain parcel with a crochet star.

Hang your Crochet Stars on a plain wooden Christmas Tree.

If you make my Floppy Crochet Stars with t-shirt yarn, you can join them with slip stitch rounds to make a rug.

If you add more and more stars, you can make a bigger rug with a different shape!

I’ve seen a follower joining her cotton stars to make a table runner.

How wonderful that you can use one little pattern for so many projects! What have you been making with your Floppy Stars? Email us a photo then we can show everyone.

We want to thank you all for your support, likes, comments and orders for 2017. We really really do appreciate you all. Hope you all have a peaceful festive time with your loved ones.

With lots of love

Anneke and Anne-Marie

Crochet in Paternoster

Larger Lacy Doily T-shirt Yarn Rug

Larger Lacy Doily T-shirt Yarn Rug

What you’ve all been asking and waiting for! The PDF file for the larger doily rug!

Download the free PDF from Ravelry . Larger Lacy Doily Rug

Remember, you still need the Free Lacy Doily Rug Pattern for the inside.

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Oooooh! You have to see this one too! I had an order for a pink and grey doily rug. I used the first few rounds of my pattern, but was working with very thick bulky T and a 15mm hook. I then had to make adjustments to the original pattern and this was the end result. A thick, soft and squishy 75 cm beauty.

Grab a big hook and some chunky yarn and go crochet a beautiful rug!

Lots of love


Easy 6 petal flower with t-shirt yarn


And herewith the flower tutorial I promised you on our Facebook page last week.

I designed the flower for t-shirt yarn, using a 12mm hook.

And was pleasantly surprised at how cute the same flower turned out with Premier Cotton 4ply and a 3mm hook.

Do browse through the other albums on our Facebook page for rug and basket ideas and links to free patterns.

I use US terminology for this pattern.

image image

After the four chains, you make a dc back in to the 1st chain of the four.  Which means, you yarn over and insert your hook into the 1st chain, complete your dc and then slip stitch into the next stitch.

image image image image image


t-shirt yarn hearts. love the grey and aqua!

playing around with flowers in between heart orders

playing around with flowers in between heart orders

mmmmm!  some more grey and aqua!

mmmmm! some more grey and aqua!

Hope you have fun with the flowers, big or small!

(Friday 16th May): Something A Bit Different (5KCBWDAY5)


Day Five of The 5th Annual Knitting And Crochet Blog Week 2014!


I played around with info graphic software today. Not very successful! And decided it’s too time consuming if you don’t know anything about it. Then I just did a little photo thing in Pic Collage again.


tshirt banner



I want to start a list

Where to buy t-shirt yarn

Anywhere in the world


my LYS-50 Something Yarn Shop

another trusted website for South Africans is Yarn in a Barn



What I’ve found on the www




Tutorials on how to cut your own t-shirt yarn




I will update this list at a later stage.


I’m off to my couch for some crochet time!







dating profile of the Brown Westcoast Doily Rug (5KCBWDAY2)




Hi, My name is Brown Westcoast Doily Rug. I was crocheted by Anneke Wiese in Paternoster, West Coast, South Africa in April 2014.





I am about 60 cm in diameter, crocheted with a 12 mm hook and different shades of brown t-shirt strips. When I lie flat on the floor, I am about 1,5 cm in height. I have many many good qualities such as: Fun loving,Down to earth,Gentle,Adventurous,Caring,Calm,Supportive,Kind,Loving,Helpful

  • Low maintenance,Quiet,Absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous,Romantic,Mood lifter,Not judgemental,Open minded,Respectful,Intelligent,Passionate,Voluptuous and curvy,Creative



  • I mostly like lying around the house relaxing with a good book or movie in the bedroom or close to the fireplace on a cold winters evening. In the summer I enjoy the odd outing to the beach for a picnic. Some days when I need a good pick-me-up, I jump onto the kitchen table and observe everyone from there. It’s quite interesting and mouth watering to see what this family has for dessert after dinner. Some days it would be lemon meringue pie. Other days peppermint crisp tart or apple tart. Yum.




I’m quite easy going. I do not really have any dislikes. My greatest fear would be to be thrown into a cupboard for no one to see me. I’m also very very afraid of bleach. That would mean the end of my beauty which comes from the lovely colours I was crocheted with.






My thoughts and ambitions for the future?

I do not care in whose house I live. As long as they take good care of me. Wash and freshen me up regularly and display me properly. I am beautiful, made with good fabric and crocheted with a very classic pattern, which means I am going to age graciously.

Another photo shoot or two on the beach or in a stunning house would be fabulous. Maybe an article in a famous magazine or two for the whole world to see? Who knows?




pink doily t-shirt rug / pienk doily t-shirt mat


En hiermee uit-frieken-eindelik die doily mat patroon! Ek dink mos altyd ek kan gou in een aand ‘n patroontjie uitskryf. Vergeet partykere dat ek ‘n huis, man en drie kinders het! Hahaha! O! EN ‘n mat besigheid!

Hooray! At last! The doily rug pattern! I always think I can whip up the photo tut in one night! Seem to forget about the house, hubby and three children! Oh! AND a rug business!

photo 1


PicCollage (1)

Steke gebruik:


ks = kettingsteek

kb = kortbeen

hlb = halwe langbeen

lb = langbeen

gs = glipsteek

V-steek = bestaan uit (1 lb, 2 ks, 1 lb). Let Wel !!! by party rondtes het die V-steke 3 ks tussen die langbene. die eerste V-steek van die rondte is altyd 3 ks wat tel as een langbeen.

rondtes word “toegemaak” met ‘n glipsteek in daai begin “3ks” se 3rde ks. Let Wel party rondtes word toegemaak deur ‘n glipsteek in die begin V.


Stitches used:

(US terminology)


ch = chain

sc = single crochet

hdc = half double crochet

dc = double crochet

ss = slip stitch

V-stitch = (1 dc, ch 2, 1 dc). In some of the rounds, the V-stitches have 3 chains in-between the dc’s. The first V-stitch in a round has 3 chains which counts as a dc. Rounds are closed with a slip stitch in the 3rd chain of that beginning 3 ch. NB, some rounds are closed with a slip stitch into the first V.































Dit is nogal ‘n uitdaging om ‘n patroon te skryf vir ‘n T-mat. In die tyd wat dit opgeneem het kon ek seker 5 sulke matte gehekel het! Elke bal en kleur verskil van tekstuur, rekbaarheid en breedte van die stroke. Dus werk ‘n patroon soms vir een breedte T en nie vir die volgende ene nie. Ek hoop hierdie ene werk vir julle. Ek het hom al met ‘n hele paar verskillende kleure en dikte T gehekel. Geniet dit! En vra maar as jy iets nie verstaan nie!

It is quite a challenge to write a pattern for a t-shirt yarn rug, because the strips in every ball of t-shirt yarn differs in width, elasticity, texture. I do hope this one works for you. I’ve crocheted a few rugs in different colours and fabric thickness with this pattern. Enjoy! Please do ask if anything is unclear to you.

photo 4

Brown version where you can see the different hook sizes. The brown T was a bit thicker than the pink T I used in the tut, but worked fabulous! (57 cm)


and a grey one!  (62cm)

and a grey one! (62cm)


and a red one!

and a red one! (57cm)




Ek stuur gewoonlik my patroon so bladsy vir bladsy vir my suster se dogter, Anne-Marie om dit oor te gaan vir tik, spel of hekelfoute. Baaaaie Baaaaie dankie Anne-Marie. Die arme vrou word soms tot saans laat gebombardeer met eposse en bbm’s. En sy het sommer so saam met die check van die patroonbladsye vinnig haar eie rooi weergawe gehekel!

Whenever I write a new photo tut, I send the pages to my sister’s daughter, Anne-Marie. She checks them for spelling and/or crochet mistakes. The poor woman gets bombarded with late night emails and text messages! Thank you so much for your input and patience Anne-Marie! And whilst checking the pages, she started her own red doily rug.





Volgende patrone op die lys:

Die hart. Bwhahaha! Hy sal seker eers met volgende jaar se Valentyns reg wees!

Die blou mandala. Ek het rondte vir rondte neergeskryf wat ek gedoen het. Sal ek hom gou môre aand opsit? Bwhahaha!

En dan die groot mandjie? Die aand daarna?

Next patterns on the list:

The heart. Bwhahaha! Maybe before Valentine’s next year!

The blue mandala. I wrote the pattern down as I went along. Shall I post that tomorrow night? Bwhahaha!

And after that, the large basket? The next evening?










Ek koop my T-shirt wolle by

I buy my T-shirt yarn from